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Andy LaPlegua began his musical empire fronting two highly respected (but very Norway-inclusive) bands: Fleshfire, who split up after releasing an EP, and Lash Out. While playing with Lash Out, Andy felt constricted within the organic side of hardcore and metal and decided it was time to branch out work in electronics and dance beats… which began the influential and seminal band Icon Of Coil.

Originally a solo adventure, Andy soon added Sebastian Komor and Christian Lund and it became Andy’s first project to be released in the US through Philadelphia’s Metropolis Records.

Andy started to explore harsher, less pop-driven sounds and, in 2003, he signed to seminal German electronic label Out of Line and released The Joy Of Gunz, an album that highlighted his darker, harder-hitting material. This was the first release under the name Combichrist. A new creature had been created, conceived and let loose, ready to devour all who stood in its way.

LaPlegua may have been in the driver's seat but Combichrist had a mind of its own. By the end of 2004 there were two more Combichrist EPs: Kiss The Blade and Sex Drogen Und Industrial.

Their second full-length album, Everybody Hates You, released in March 2005, marked another milestone in Andy’s career as it was the first Combichrist US release through Metropolis Records.


Studio albums

* 2003 The Joy Of Gunz
* 2005 Everybody Hates You
* 2007 What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?
* 2009 Today We Are All Demons
* 2010 Making Monsters


* 2003 Kiss The Blade Limited to 667 copies.
* 2004 Blut Royale Limited to 666 copies on white vinyl.
* 2004 Sex, Drogen Und Industrial
* 2006 Get Your Body Beat
* 2008 Frost EP: Sent To Destroy
* 2009 Heat EP: All Pain Is Beat Limited to 1000 copies on vinyl
* 2010 Scarred EP
* 2010 Never Surrender EP
* 2011 Throat full of Glass EP




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Andy moves so much on stage he was constantly moving out of frame regardless of how fast my shutter speed was.

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Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat

I do not own this song. 


Tuesday night - Combichrist and William Control were awesome :)

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#combichrist (at The Opera House)


#combichrist (at The Opera House)